What is Customer-Centricity? The Importance of a Customer-Oriented Business Approach

Customer-centricity is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the business world nowadays. If you ask any CEO whether their business is customer-centric, they will likely answer with a resounding yes. But despite the fact that customer-centricity is a popular term that almost every company claims to be centred around, most of us don’t have a good idea of what it even means.

In this blog, we’ll be unpacking the true meaning of customer-centricity as well as the important role it plays in modern-day organizations.

What is Customer-Centricity?

The majority of people think of customer-centricity as putting the customer at the centre of everything you do. This is a very simple and one-dimensional view of the term, which has taken on new meaning in our digital-first economy.

Customers are more connected than ever before, and being customer-centric in this day and age means offering a seamless omnichannel experience that enables customers to find what they need in a quick and easy way. Customer-centricity is more than just a concept; it’s a mission and a mindset that needs to exist across an organization in order to be properly executed.

Why Customer-Centricity Matters

Customers have come to expect consistent experiences. Unlike a product-centric approach, a customer-centric approach aims to meet the needs of customers everywhere and as much as possible. It goes beyond just offering a product or service that responds to customer needs and focuses on optimizing the value created by each customer.

Customer-centricity is a big picture approach that takes the customer lifetime value into account. When done properly, it keeps customers coming back and results in retention, loyalty and cost savings.

How to Achieve Customer-Centricity

Moving toward a customer-centric approach requires identifying gaps, defining and monitoring relevant KPIs and having someone responsible for creating a culture that puts customers first. Whether you achieve this by hiring a Chief Customer Experience Officer or creating a committee, people need to be put in charge of this mission.

Customer-centricity has to be rolled out across all departments, processes and silos to be effective. Adding customer-oriented goals to scorecards and implementing bonus plans are both great ways to motivate employees to embrace this approach.

A truly customer-centric approach is something that sets good organizations apart from great ones. When this mission is executed well, efforts are focused on the outcomes that matter most and the customer experience is ultimately changed for the better.

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