The Six Best Digital Communication Channels for Modern Day Businesses

For most modern-day professionals, online communication has become a part of everyday working life. Digital communication was already on the rise pre-pandemic, but when COVID-19 became a global phenomenon, this medium became a lifeline in the workforce. With that said, not all communication channels are created equally, and it’s important to know which mediums to utilize for team-facing VS customer-facing channels. 

If you’d like to improve communication within your workforce and with your customers, keep reading to find out about the best digital communication channels out there!

What is a communication channel?

Before we get into the essential digital communication channels every organization should be using, it’s important to first define exactly what a communication channel is. A communication channel, also known as a contact channel, is a media form that enables you to interact with one or more people. Examples of digital communication channels, specifically, include live chats and social media. 

The Best Team-Facing Communication Channels

Now that you’re well versed in what communication channels are, let’s jump into the most important team-facing communication channels that you should be using. 

1. Instant Messaging Platforms

Instant messaging apps have become a staple in the workplace over the past few years. This dynamic digital communication channel has made it possible for teams to stay connected and participate in real-time collaboration in the age of remote work. Given the popularity of chat apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, it’s safe to say that this communication tool will continue to play an essential part in many businesses for years to come. 

2. Project Management Tools

While project management tools aren’t the most useful in terms of communicating with teammates, they can still be extremely beneficial for modern-day businesses. This organizational tool can help improve your team’s productivity and efficiency by tracking the phases and steps your team needs to take to complete a project. Project management tools are ideal for larger teams that need to be kept on track and regularly updated on the status of projects. 

3. Email

Last but certainly not least, email is still an essential business communication tool. This long standing form of communication is reliable, cheap and can easily support most attachments. Email is great to use when sending out mass announcements or updates, but if you need an immediate response, you’re better off using some sort of instant messaging channel. 

The Best Customer-Facing Communication Channels

Effectively communicating with your customers is just as important as doing so with your team. Here are some notable customer-facing communication channels that you should be paying attention to.

1. Social Media Presence 

With over 3.96 billion people currently using social media worldwide, this medium is one of the best communication channels businesses have with their customers. Social media accounts can be used to announce new products, get customers excited about your brand by running giveaways, engage with your audience and improve customer communication as a whole. Posting branded content and staying on top of current social media trends, like short-form video content, will help your business stand out on these platforms.

2. Company Website

Your company website serves as a prerequisite for your business. It is where customers go to judge whether you’re credible or not, and it’s also one of the most impactful customer-facing communication channels at your disposal. As such, you want to make sure you have a user-friendly interface, branded designs, and plenty of customer reviews and testimonials.

3. Chatbots

Sometimes referred to as “the future of engagement”, chatbots can initiate conversations with customers visiting a website and create personalized experiences for them with minimal help from humans. The popularity of this tool has grown exponentially in recent years, and its ability to quickly provide customers with simple FAQ answers to basic queries has proven to be invaluable for all types of businesses. This communication channel is also available 24/7!

There you have it – six must-have digital communication tools for modern-day businesses. By implementing these communication tools in your organization, you can set yourself up for success in an increasingly connected digital world where remote work has become the norm. 

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