How to Optimize the Physical Environment of Your Contact Centre


It’s often overlooked, but one of the most important factors in an employee’s efficiency, productivity and overall morale is the physical space they work in. As remote workers begin to return to the office following the pandemic, improving your workplace’s layout is more vital than ever. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss the best ways to optimize the physical environment of your contact centre: 

Give Agents Dedicated Workspaces

When each individual contact centre agent has a workspace they can call their own, they will have a sense of ownership that makes them feel supported. Encourage them to decorate their desks with plants, photos of their loved ones or whatever else they choose so they have a little reminder of home with them during the workday.  

Allow Managers to Monitor

Assigning agents their own desks is also beneficial as you can create a strategic floor plan. You can place junior agents close to more experienced managers so they can quickly answer questions and help out when necessary. Managers can also observe the social dynamics between agents and make seating adjustments if any issues arise. 

Optimize Floorspace

Nowadays, open concept workspaces are extremely popular. Although a cubicle set-up may seem old-fashioned, it is often unavoidable in a contact centre working environment. From cutting down on noise to allowing agents to concentrate on their own conversations with their customers, the advantages of having barriers between workstations outweigh the disadvantages. 

Soundproof Spaces


Even though cubicles block noise better than a pod-based workspace set-up, it’s still important to have soundproofed spaces where managers can have private conversations with agents or where agents can field more important customer interactions. 

Invest in the Right Hardware

Without the right technology, all of your efforts to optimize the physical environment of your contact centre will be wasted. Ensure your agents have the right flexible, scalable and efficient hardware to suit their needs. A study by Ultimate Software found that 92% of employees say that the efficiency of the technology they use impacts their work satisfaction. Decrease the chances of employee burnout and increase agent satisfaction by improving your contact centre’s layout and complementing the technology to the physical environment. 

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