How to Identify Different Customer Types And Optimize Their Experience

Identifying the types of buyers your business serves is crucial for boosting their experience and generating more sales. You need to know your clients like the back of your hand to effectively and efficiently help them. In this blog post, we’re discussing five different types of buyers as well as their wants and needs so you can learn more about their intentions when interacting with them. 

1. “Just Looking” Buyers

This buyer type is one of the most common. They typically scan sites without making any purchases or actions. To create an unforgettable experience for these “digital window shoppers,” ensure your website is distinctive yet accessible. You want to make a memorable impression. What this means is your photos should be attention-grabbing with interesting and helpful copy.  You should also include links to favourable reviews and testimonials. 

2. Last-Minute Buyers

This buyer type is impulsive. Their original intention when visiting your site is not necessarily to make a purchase, but if they are impressed enough by the value proposition of your good or service, they will take action. To win these customers over, clearly display all your deals and offers and ensure the purchase process is simple. 

3. Analyzing Buyers 

This buyer type does a lot of research before making a purchase. They’ll read your reviews, check out your competitors and inspect your website with a magnifying glass. It’s likely they will even go as far as to contact your business to answer a series of questions. To serve this buyer, make sure your web copy is detailed and easy to read. It’s also crucial to have many positive reviews and testimonials clearly displayed all over your site. To go above and beyond, list comparison information to competing goods and services to save this customer some research time. Last but not least, ensure your contact points like live chat functions and chatbots are being used to their full potential. These analysts will have questions, so ensure your team is equipped to answer them quickly! 

4. Budgeting Buyers

This buyer only cares about getting the most bang for their buck. If you have any sales or discounts on the go, ensure you’re advertising these deals on many channels, including social media. To appeal to budgeting buyers, create a separate section for sale or clearance items. Also, consider offering free or cheap delivery and upselling options to retain this kind of buyer. 

5. Brand New Buyers

It can be tricky to appeal to people who have never heard of your business; however, by concentrating on your brand’s social media presence, Search Engine Optimization and advertising, you can attract new customers in no time! Monitor your reviews and comments on social media to identify any pain points that would dissuade new buyers from making any purchases. Once you have a brand new buyer on your website, ensure your sitemap and search function are easy to find. Streamline the checkout process to make purchasing your goods or services as straightforward as possible. When you remove obstacles to purchasing, you’re likely to turn brand new buyers into brand ambassadors. 


When you employ a solution like Innovative Vision, all five of these types of buyers can efficiently contact your business however they please. Our agents will answer questions and resolve issues utilizing a single dashboard. You’ll be able to turn any of these five buyer types into return customers with our streamlined, customizable experience. 

At Innovative Vision, we are passionate about the world of Customer Experience. Founded in 2002, we are a marketing technology firm specializing in Contact Centre BPO. Through the power of omnichannel support and hybrid live agent/AI models, we ensure that every interaction that a customer has with your business is positive and meaningful.

Allow us to inspire your company to grow through our enhanced approach to guiding the customer journey. To learn more about our advanced and specialized services, contact us today!

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