How to Enable A Mobile Contact Centre Workforce

Over the past few months, businesses have had to quickly pivot their practices to suit the unusual times we’re in. We saw a stark rise in remote work and even though workers are slowly starting to return to the office now that case numbers are down, the pandemic has taught us to expect the unexpected. For contact centres, this means equipping their agents with the technology they need to successfully work both in office and at home at a moment’s notice.

One such technology that has been specifically designed to help workers quickly adapt to changing conditions is Aspect’s new version of the Aspect Workforce Optimization Suite.

What is the Aspect Workforce Optimization Suite?

The Aspect Workforce Optimization Suite V20 includes Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Management (AQM), and Performance Management (APM) software that equips the mobile workforce with the tools they need to succeed. This product makes it possible for employees to access deeper cloud integrations through their browsers, common WFM scheduling functions and enhanced performance feedback that allow them to self-correct in a timely manner.

Benefits of the Aspect Workforce Optimization Suite

With the vast majority of agents under the age of 40 owning smartphones, this medium is the best option for contact centres that want to extend their employee desktop to a mobile platform. Aspect Workforce Management V20 is capable of doing just that with its redesigned mobile UI that mimics desktop WFM UI. This capability makes it possible for agents and supervisors to perform key functions in a visual environment they are familiar with.

In addition to providing access to familiar UI’s, Aspect Workforce Management V20 also has enhancements that significantly accelerate the process of approving requested scheduling changes through automatic processes. This suite has been designed to support browser-based functions so that employees can participate in the mobile workforce from anywhere, which is especially important during this time.

To address employer concerns about employee performance suffering as a result of remote work, Aspect has integrated a Performance Management tool in Workforce Management V20. This tool includes their speech analytics solution, Aspect Engagement Analytics, which produces balance scorecards and other reports based on a collection of quality metrics from all customer interactions. Heat maps that allow for simplified visual analysis of performance data and a new API that seamlessly implements third-party performance metrics have also been added to Aspect Performance Management.

The features included in the Aspect Workforce Optimization Suite is what all contact centres should be looking to implement into their organizations as we head into an uncertain future. Preparing your workforce for a myriad of possibilities and taking a proactive approach to mobilizing your mobile contact centre workforce will ensure minimal disruptions will occur should your employees need to work from home again.

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